Customized Workshops Tailored to fit the needs of your team.

For Your Team

Whether your team’s performance has ‘plateaued’ or you simply need to shake things up and get energized, Bob’s customized workshops allow you to tap into the full potential of your team.

As an athlete who doesn’t like to sit still for more than an hour, Bob delivers his workshops with a high level of energy and will keep your team entertained, energized and fully engaged.

Let’s face it. Your team doesn’t want to sit through a tiresome lecture with powerpoint slides and rehearsed lines. That’s why Bob emphasizes team interaction and participation throughout the duration of the workshop with activities and lively discussions.
So, are you ready to get the most our of your team?

Step 1

Choose the duration of your workshop

3 Hour Workshop

Learning Subjects
15 Minute Coffee Breaks

6 Hour Workshop

Learning Subjects
15 Minute Coffee Breaks
30 minute Lunch break

Step 2

Choose which Subjects you'd like Bob to cover in your Workshop.

Improving Team Performance

Get the most out of your team or employees.

Setting Goals For Success

Learn how to define ways to achieve success.

Overcoming The Fear of Failure

Instil Your Team with the knowledge to overcome The Fear of Failure. 

Building Powerful Relationships

Learn how to build relationships with team members, Partners, networks and Friends.

Coaching a Successful Team

Get the most out of the people in your Team or Workplace.

Custom Subject Matter

Ask Bob to address something that is unique to your organization.

More Information

Improving Team Performance

Are you getting the most out of your employees? Are they capable of even greater achievements? After all, getting team members to play well together isn’t easy. Having them do so at maximum effectiveness is even more difficult. So what’s the secret to a high performance team? Well, one thing’s for sure: getting everyone on the same page and working in the same direction is a good start. Unclear objectives or too many priorities encourages team members to work all over the map.

As a former captain of CFL’s Winnepeg Blue Bombers, Bob understands what it takes for a team to practice together, perform together, fail together and win together. So if you’re ready to take your team to the next level, get them in a room with Bob and hold on for the ride!

Setting Goals for Success

Do your employees know what they want to achieve by the end of today? What about by the end of the month? All too often we start a new day without defining what we want to achieve by the end of it. To compensate for this lack of intention, we even sometimes overfill our plate with tasks and responsibilities in an effort to feel busy and productive. But at what cost? Little progress is made towards a meaningful objective, all the while we can burn ourselves out and feel personally unsatisfied.

So where does setting goals for success fit into this? We all know goals create focus and direction, but not often enough are we confronted with the difficult questions that peel away the mask and get to the root of what’s important. Bob’s workshops create an environment of trust and open communication, allowing participants to open up and set meaningful goals both individually and as a team. At the end of the day, rediscovering the meaning of your team’s direction is the ultimate motivator. Let’s identify and focus on what’s important!

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure can be immobilizing – it can cause an entire team to stop moving forward and instead do nothing. Yet every member of your team has their own individual definition of failure, which is rooted in their unique values, benchmarks, beliefs and goals. However, no matter how one defines failure, the fear of it (also known as “atychiphobia”) acts as an anchor dragging down on your team’s performance.

Although Bob has seen many successes throughout his career, he has grown intimate with how it feels to fail. He has learned teachable skills on how to manage that fear and can imbue your team with the same ability to overcome the fear of failure. After all, failure itself is merely a matter of perspective… So let’s change it!

Building Powerful Relationships

If you want your team to create incredible impact, they need to know how to build incredible relationships with other team members, partners, networks and friends. After all, business success is all about people. That means investing in your team’s ability to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones is a valuable asset.

Leading by example, Bob encourages participants to be honest and vocal about their weaknesses, demonstrating that it’s okay to step outside of our social-conditioning to share our candid thoughts, experiences, and even failures. It is though these moments of vulnerability that deep connections are made and powerful relationships are forged. What would having open and honest communication between team members do for the performance of your team?

Coaching a Succesful Team

Need to discuss this subject. Too similar to Improving Team Performance?

Custom Subject Matter

Bob has a vast array of experience in many different fields. While he fits his lessons into his preferred Subjects, his breadth of experience can be used to apply his lessons to your specific organizational needs.
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