What others have to say about the life-changing strategies Bob can teach

James Fitzgerald

Strength Coach
Optimum Performance Training Inc.
'Bob Molle is the guy you want to know, be around and learn from. He's a true example of how to achieve balance while striving for more to create ‘efficiency’ in today's busy lifestyle. When he speaks, people listen. He has taken personal/ team/ leadership development to a place years ahead of mainstream offerings. He's who you want on your team.'
'Engaging with Bob Molle is utterly life-changing. This energetic guy is in a class of his own. He's simply riveting and, best of all, people carry his zest with them through life. He's awesome. You simply can't beat Bob.'

Ken McElroy

World Entrepreneur
Rich Dad, Poor Dad Adviser

Robert Kiyosaki

Author - Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Get comfortable being uncomfortable
'I love Bob's Book. I use it for inspiration to extricate myself from the perils of the most dangerous of all human traps, the dungeon of life known as comfort.'
'Bob Molle has been a big influence in our company for growth. He has inspired and motivated people to achieve success in their personal lives which has improved the communication of our team!'

Dion Siluch

General Manager
MTC Rentals - mtcrentals.ca
"He is the only personal trainer and coach that our reps have talked about for months after the course and who still has an impact on the team’s approach.”

“Bob reminded me that it’s all right to say ‘no’ and take care of myself.”

“Bob is fantastic … very inspirational!”

“Bob is a unique and amazing performance coach and speaker — someone whom everyone can gain from.”

“Bob’s enthusiasm towards being more and achieving more is contagious.”

“Bob Molle is the guy you want to know; the man you want to be around and learn from. He
is the person you want on your team.”
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