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When You lose, don't lose the lesson

Losing hurts, but it isn't all bad

Why You Should Learn to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I just came back from a two week tour of Mexico in conjunction with the launch of my book in Spanish. After numerous interviews from TV, newspapers and magazines I was asked over and over again, why the title of your book? Good question!

How To Find More Time In The Day? Change The Rules!

It is probably no surprise to most that one of life’s biggest dilemma’s world-wide is that they feel they are constantly in a time crunch and the treadmill never slows down.

Do You Have The Perfect Formula?

I just finished a one on one meeting with my client, Jim. He was very well prepared and sent me his goals well ahead of the meeting including dates for action steps to complete each one. Jim also prioritized his goals, so he knew exactly what was coming next and focus would not be an issue. It was like a domino of events that would occur one right after the other. I was impressed!

The Best Way To Build Your Confidence

I was on a coaching call as Joyce was explaining to me all of her goals for the upcoming year. She was quite excited as most people are in January as the New Years resolutions are quite a ritual in today’s world. I asked Joyce if she had set goals before and she said yes, but wasn’t too successful in the past. I asked her why.
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