Why You Should Learn to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I just came back from a two week tour of Mexico in conjunction with the launch of my book in Spanish. After numerous interviews from TV, newspapers and magazines I was asked over and over again, why the title of your book? Good question!

At 53 years of age, I still learn that when I put myself in uncomfortable situations, I grow more as person than any other time in my life.

Robert Kiyosaki put it into different words. He said, “When we get comfortable we get lazy, mentally and physically.Lessons that I learned from living the life GCBU!

Life is very short, you will get reminded of this all too well when you go to your next funeral that is unexpected. So, you should strive to do things that excite you!

If you can be comfortable being uncomfortable, you’ll be prepared to handle whatever situation comes along. Life will make you feel uncomfortable at times, but that doesn’t ever have to stop you. It can be a good thing to feel a little uncomfortable. It means you’re moving forward and exploring new territory.

Boredom is the enemy.

And Mark Twain said,

twenty years from now

Life really begins when you leave your Comfort Zone.

Time to evaluate what gets you excited?


Bob Molle (Coach Bob)
Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
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