How To Find More Time In The Day? Change The Rules!

It is probably no surprise to most that one of life’s biggest dilemma’s world-wide is that they feel they are constantly in a time crunch and the treadmill never slows down.

From our earliest days we’re taught the importance of a daily structure based on time. School days are over 6 hours long, with classes structured around slots of time, rather than what can be completed. We’re taught that what matters is ‘putting in the time’, not necessarily finishing the work.

Bill was not much different from most and explained to me his non-stop itinerary and that he was always from one meeting to another, then off to kid events, and back to numerous other events.

“Bob”, he explained, “I have a full day of events and feel at the end of the day I am extremely tired and not even thinking about working out.”

I asked Bill what he was struggled at the most regarding time.

Bill sarcastically said, “My job Bob, mostly because of my commute the time I travel is a nightmare. I have to leave way earlier than I like otherwise the travel is double the time and I would never get to work on time.

“Time to change the rules Bill!” I suggested to him to ask his company if he could have flex time and he could come into work at varied times.

“Not likely, Bob!” He scoffed at my solution.

Bill and I discussed a strategy to approach his employer where he could be effective at the company if he didn’t spend useless time commuting in thru rush hour traffic and still maintain the same level of service.

Bill came back from his employer simply astonished as they accepted his alternative work arrangement that would save him hours daily.

The truth is more and more employers are realizing this and moving away from the standard work hours practice.

It addition to alternative hours more people are working remotely, or in non-standard ways as part-timers, contractors, or shift workers. The 8-hour day is evolving. Having a little more flexibility and freedom to do our work when it is most sensible, gives us the freedom to create our own schedule and thus being more productive!

Rules can be changed, it never hurts to ask.

It is your life, so you should be able to change the rules to improve it where you can and choose how you live.

One thing you owe yourself is to be happy, if you’re not happy change the way you live.

Remember CGBU!


Bob Molle (Coach Bob)
Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
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