Do You Have The Perfect Formula?

I just finished a one on one meeting with my client, Jim. He was very well prepared and sent me his goals well ahead of the meeting including dates for action steps to complete each one. Jim also prioritized his goals, so he knew exactly what was coming next and focus would not be an issue. It was like a domino of events that would occur one right after the other. I was impressed!

Jim’s first priority was his health and I was quite excited about this. He had a detailed diet and exercise formula that he researched thoroughly by reviewing many blogs and experts in the industry that would put him in optimum health (or so he thought)

Jim was extremely well researched and detail oriented in his program.

I asked Jim, “Have you tested this formula and program at all?”

He replied, “I haven’t yet Bob, but I have researched quite extensively and it is the perfect program.”

Well, one thing I have learned over my years of goal setting is, there is “no perfect formula” for everyone. What works for one person may not work exactly the same way for the next. There are many things to consider. From food allergies to sleeping habits to exercise routines, they should all be customized for each person.

“Jim”, I said. “I recommend you beta test your plan and make sure it is a fit for you. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments.”

Jim had called a couple of weeks later and already adjusted foods that didn’t agree with him and modified his exercise plan.

Plans need to be tested to make sure they work for you. Everyone is different and your body will respond differently. Test it first, and make sure you customize the program that works for you!



Bob Molle (Coach Bob)
Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
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